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  • 공룡의 세계

    세계 최대 초식공룡 화석

    World of Dinosaur Centering around "Cheongwooni" reptiles lived during Jurassic and Cretacceous period are displayed

  • 광물, 암석, 동물, 곤충 시대별 화석

    생명의 땅 지구, 육지와 바다

    Universe, Earth and Life The universe that began with Big Bang houses galaxies, solar system, the earth and the LIFE

  • 자연과 인간

    한국 최고의 미라, 학봉장군

    Nature and Human Being
Plants, situated at the bottom of the food chain, supplies the basic of human life. Human beings are born, aged, sick and dead.

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박물관소식, 갤러리


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